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Sales Support Services (MERCHANDISING)


Sales Support Services (Merchandısıng)

Differentiation and awareness of companies/brands operating in the retail sector is of the utmost importance, especially by customers – both current and potential – at points of sale. Within the scope of our Sales Support Services, we set up and manage teams specifically designed to present and facilitate the sale of products at points of sale across Turkey. Recruiting and placement of staff in the field is done efficiently and professionally.

We plan and organise orientation and training sessions at our regional offices and closely monitor the development of the sales teams. In addition, we prepare reports detailing time/work information, revenue-based productivity analyses and, using software developed specifically by EKOM Group, we also conduct optimal route analyses. To support optimal decision-making for sales, we track processes such as optimum stock, shelf management, orders and returns and in-store valuable space management. We monitor and report the target and actual business results of all these operations with our strong technical infrastructure. All field staff are expertly managed in line with human resources guidelines and current labour laws and regulations. We provide an online and transparent management service on digital platforms for our business partners, detailing payroll, leave, personnel affairs and cost management information for field teams.